Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Dan Holtz

Hitting another milestone birthday

Milestone birthdays have never been a big deal.

Hitting 30, 40 and 50 seemed like any other birthday.

But hitting 60 this month felt a little more significant than those previous milestone birthdays.

It really hit home when a Facebook friend and former college roommate from back in the day wished me a happy birthday and then added: “Welcome to your seventh decade.”

The good side about hitting this milestone is you start to get more senior discounts.

Gray hair also has been kept to a minimum. But the amount of hair on top of the head — that’s a different story.

Unlike those younger milestone birthdays, hitting 60 has also come with the designation of the job title of grandparent.

Spending time with four grandchildren on a weekly basis is a pretty cool thing.

But hitting 60 also makes you realize the generation gap is real.

When you mention the Bee Gees or make a movie reference about “Animal House” and only get a blank stare from younger colleages, that can be a bit disheartening.

But I made the determination that I should just keep living my life the way I always have, and not worry too much about the number I happen to hit each year.

I can’t do anything about it anyway, so why lose any sleep over it.

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