Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Lauren French

Author reflects on the value of living without a TV

Living on my own as a young adult has taught me a lot about myself.

I’m not an experienced cook, for one — it’s not completely abnormal to find me eating eggs and chips and salsa for dinner for the fourth night in a row. To balance that out, I’m pretty good at laundry compared to peers in my age bracket.

But recently I’ve also come to realize how much I value TV-less living. It wasn’t really a purposeful life choice to not buy a television when I struck out on my own. I simply didn’t want to spend my precious little post-graduate funds on that non-essential item. Turns out, I don’t miss having it around.

I wasn’t much of a TV-watcher even when I did have one available, but I did occasionally flick on the screen and find myself sucked into a show when I had spare moments of time. These days, watching a show is a much more intentional act. If I want to watch something, it means pulling out my laptop, powering it up, navigating to Netflix and selecting something.

Most of the time, I skip that and opt for a book or phoning a friend. It seems the better alternative to me.

— Lauren French, reporter

Contact: 715-830-5828, lauren.french@ecpc.com, @LaurenKFrench on Twitter

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