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Bankruptcies 3/2/18

The following bankruptcies were filed during February in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court’s Western District of Wisconsin.

Chapter 7

Liquidation of a debtor’s property and distribution of the proceeds to creditors.

Altoona: Laurence R. Perkins.

Arcadia: Dale W. and Debbie D. Haines, Brenden P. and Bethany A. Jaszewski.

Baldwin: Ryan R. and Rhiannon N. Wichman.

Barron: Jared C. Lundequam, Debbie J. Nelson, Megan R. Cangelosi, Rebecca A. Roth, Chelsea L. and Sean L. Bishop.

Bay City: Robert J. Marson.

Blair: Trevor W. Van Riper, Alexis L. Tranberg.

Bloomer: Preston J. Albricht.

Boyceville: Kenneth J. Kirschbaum, Sarah D. Murphy.

Bruce: Ronald Sr. and Pamela Willoughby, Marcelene C. Kramer.

Cameron: Jade L. Olson.

Chetek: James M. and Sandra K. Kane.

Chippewa Falls: Jacqueline M. Rodriguez, Justin L. and Denise L. Shackleton.

Colby: Matthew G. Halida.

Colfax: Nicholas H. Albricht.

Dorchester: Robert and Karen A. Feiner.

Downsville: Stewart C. Best.

Eau Claire: Allen L. and Susan D. Beavens, 2425 Bostrom Court, Apt. 3; David C. Recine, 1440 Badger Ave.; Jacob R. and Julie A. Mitchell, 568 Erin St.; Ernest R. Burlingame, 403 S. Farwell St., No. 2; James M. and Christina L. Klink, 416 W. Grant Ave.; Lisa A. Scheffer, 1020 W. Hamilton Ave., No. 3; Maria L. Flick, 2013 Eddy Lane; Gary John Baker, 303 Putnam St., Apt. G6; Sandra M. Twyman, 2309 Corona Ave., No. 7; Stanley E. and Gail L. Coon, 5937 Rooney Drive; Robert A. Bokerman, 2418 Sessions St., Apt. 1; Michael J. O’Neill, 510 E. Grant Ave.

Eleva: Roger L. and Claudia D. Wampole.

Ellsworth: Kyle C. Strege.

Elmwood: Kenneth M. Bartz, Jr., Heather M. Baier.

Fall Creek: Jeffrey A. and Sarah A. Ritger.

Galesville: John R. LeGrave.

Granton: Robert W. and Tawnya M. Featherston.

Hammond: Michael E. and JulieAnn M. Bares.

Hixton: Raymond M. and Christina L. Vidal.

Houlton: Scott G. Jorgenson, Terrance J. Kipke.

Hudson: Katherine J. Love, Dennis Bazdell, Leah N. Metzger, William T. Moore.

Knapp: Evelyn A. and James Pickerign.

Menomonie: Christopher and Suzanne Schwartz, Gregory M. and Rachel R. Munoz, Samantha Bignell.

New Auburn: Kenneth Severin.

New Richmond: John L. and Cynthia M. Peterson, DuWayne W. Johnson, Jr.

Prescott: James K. and Janet A. Lawton.

Rice Lake: George L. and Audrey J. Shields, John E. and Elaine D. Kopping.

River Falls: Mary A. and Erik R. Dunn, Melissa A. Lee.

Roberts: Steven D. Johnson.

Somerset: Jaime A. Cole, Michael T. Tobish.

Stanley: Robert D. Engels.

Wheeler: Daniel J. Lemon.

Chapter 12

Adjustment of debts of a family farmer.

Ettrick: Nathan A. Ausen.

Chapter 13

Adjustment of debts of an individual with regular income.

Chippewa Falls: Jeremiah Stephenson.

Cumberland: Jerald A. and Shawndell M. Lindfors.

Eau Claire: Troy J. and Kristine K. Tollefson, 5730 Olson Drive; Bradley W. and Simone M. Revie, 1933 N. 62nd Ave.; Carmen M. Huse, W6695 Spehle Road.

Galesville: David J. and Linda L. Meyer.

New Richmond: Gregory P. Handel, Mindy D. Riebe.

Prairie Farm: Diane M. Thompson.

Ridgeland: Richard and Mariann Kruchten.

Roberts: Teicko S. Huber.

Somerset: Matthew C. and Sarah E.E. Swanson.

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