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Marriage Licenses 08/19/18

Dunn County

Nathaniel A. Mckeefry, 31, Jenna L. Hennessey, 26, both of Menomonie.

Chad K. Boese, 29, Megan C. Baker, 32, both of Sand Creek.

Keith D. Kadinger, 27, town of Menomonie, Kayla M. Larock, 27, Elk Mound.

Dennis A. Frank, 68, Bonnie K. Beach, 68, both of Menomonie.

Christopher C. Weber, 31, Laura A. Garfield, 26, both of Eau Galle.

Miguel A. Bonilla Vasquez, 29, Caitlyn M. Spindler, 22, both of Menomonie.

Martin A. Johnson, 25, Jennifer L. Cutsforth, 26, both of Knapp.

Alexander O. Gillitzer, 27, Ashley M. Glover, 27, both of Downers Grove, Ill.

Ricky A. Truckey Jr., 28, Brandi E. Hanson, 27, both of Menomonie.

Eau Claire County

David D. Beaulieu, 32, Megan M. Amorose, 29, both of Brunswick.

Jacob G. Brendemuehl, 34, Samantha E. Halford, 34, both of Fall Creek.

Louis A. Eisenman, 40, Camelia Lopez Valladares, 30, both of Eau Claire.

Andrew F. Evanoff, 31, Megan N. Gulan, 28, both of Eau Claire.

Justin M. Faldet, 30, Sarah E. Ali, 28, both of Eau Claire.

Brandon L. Felce, 24, Jamie L. Ustianowski, 24, both of Eau Claire.

Stephen J. Fischer, 28, Jessica L. Lowe, 27, both of Eau Claire.

Danny L. Fugett Jr., 26, Lisa M. Zabkiewicz, 29, both of Augusta.

Casey D. Green, 27, Lora M. Schofield, 27, both of Fall Creek.

Blaine B. Hartzke, 28, Bryn S. Featherston, 21, both of Eau Claire.

Shawn W. Harvey, 44, Laura A. Wangen, 41, both of Lincoln.

Justin R. Hasler, 27, Lauren H. Kuhlman, 22, both of Brunswick.

Austin J. Heimann, 32, Cali A. Kohlmeyer, 34, both of Eau Claire.

Nicholas R. Henchen, 24, Union, Samantha J. Froseth, 23, Clear Creek.

Kenneth R. Hoefs, 21, Katie G. Slater, 21, both of Eau Claire.

Dylan J. Jolivette, 27, Mackenzie A. Berg, 28, both of Eau Claire.

Travis M. Kaeding, 32, Nicole M. Crooker, 27, both of Eau Claire.

Dustin N. Killinger, 33, Kiana E. Smith, 26, both of Altoona. 

Cory V. Kleist, 33, Allison L. Black, 31, both of Eau Claire.

Tyler T. Koller, 23, Darci A. Elmer, 24, both of Brunswick.

James R. Laux, 37, Sara K. Bellefeuille, 36, both of Eau Claire.

Gregory J. Mickelson, 25, Tiffany L. St. Germain, 24, both of Altoona.

Austin C. Miles, 26, Marie M. Carlson, 28, both of Eau Claire.

Jason W. Morey, 32, Karla J. Holen, 32, both of Altoona.

Alvin D. Myher Jr., 30, Jamie J. Zwiefelhofer, 30, both of Eau Claire.

Donald A. Nelson, 34, Tanya L. Cramer, 39, both of the town of Washington.

Aaron R. Roths, 37, Erika L. Stang, 38, both of Eau Claire.

Nathanael J. Satnik, 23, Shannon T. Schoenrock, 23, both of Altoona. 

Jake R. Scheel, 25, Amy E. O’Donnell, 37, both of Eau Claire.

Bradley W. Schenk, 43, Kacie A. Young, 30, both of the town of Washington.

Carl J. Serum, 29, Sara J. Woychik, 31, both of Eau Claire.

Jonathan S. Van Dorn, 38, Katherine L. Bowman, 35, both of Mundelein, Ill.

Julian A. Visser, 25, Amber L. Bradley, 28, both of Eau Claire.

Aryn G. Widule, 34, Union, Monica A. Vargas, 27, Eau Claire.

Kyle R. Wright, 26, Santanna D. Rogge, 27, both of Altoona. 

Douglas Xiong, 24, Monica K. Vang, 21, both of Eau Claire.

Terry L. Zillmer Jr., 31, Amber M. Sheehan, 26, both of Eau Claire.

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