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Food Inspections 1/2/17

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Editor’s note: The Eau Claire City-County Health Department checks area licensed food establishments, including restaurants and food retailers. The Leader-Telegram details “priority” violations, defined as state code violations with potential to contribute to food contamination, illness or environmental health hazard, and reports “priority foundation” violations, which support priority violations, found in routine inspections. Places that receive “core,” or noncritical, violations are marked “no priority or priority foundation violations.” A “corrected” notation means the violation was corrected during a routine inspection. More information about local inspection results can be found at​k7macdr.


Altoona High School/​Taher Inc., 711 W. Seventh St., Nov. 16. Three priority violations: Cinnamon rolls in paper boats stored on the top shelf of the warmer are not protected from contamination (corrected); hard boiled eggs, taco meat, pepperoni and sausage in the walk-in cooler are past their date mark and alfredo sauce and pulled pork were not date marked when pulled from the freezer (corrected); fuel oil used for chafing dishes is stored over packaged snacks in the dry storage area and a bucket with sanitizer is stored over canned food in the kitchen.

Eau Claire

Fuji Steakhouse, 4864 Keystone Crossing, Nov. 2. Three priority violations: Employee observed not washing hands between dirty and clean dishes (corrected); raw eggs stored over lemons, butter, and vegetables in walk-in cooler (corrected); sanitizer spray bottle is not being used according to label use instructions (corrected). The chlorine sanitizer buckets are at 0 PPM.One priority foundation violation.

Tacos Juanita, 2823 E. Hamilton Ave., Nov. 2. No priority or priority foundation violations.

VFW Post 305, 1300 Starr Ave., Nov. 2. Three priority violations: Raw shell eggs are stored over drinks in the walk-in cooler; hashbrowns and whipped butter cups cold-held above 41 degrees (corrected); chlorine sanitizer is not being used according to manufacturer’s use directions. Two priority foundation violations.

Pizza Hut, 1242 W. Clairemont Ave, Nov. 6. No priority or priority foundation violations.

TGI Fridays, 4800 Golf Road, Nov. 6. Five priority violations: Employee observed not washing hands on grill line between raw and cooked foods and entire time on grill line he never washed hands or switched gloves; employee observed handling celery for drinks with bare hands (corrected); five pans of ribs, Alfredo sauce and coleslaw cold-held above 41 degrees (corrected); rice, tomato, cheese, broccoli soup, noodles, milk, prime rib and alfredo have exceeded date marks and chicken, ribs, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, pico, soup, tomato, sliced ham and noodles were not date marked; grill line prep area used with potentially hazardous foods not cleaned after four hours (corrected). Four priority foundation violations.

Wagner’s Lanes, 2159 Brackett Ave., Nov. 6. Two priority violations: Employee observed handling raw burger with gloves on and then discarding gloves and putting on a new pair without washing hands in between (corrected); spray bottles of glass cleaner and multi-purpose cleaner are stored over straws and plastic cups (corrected). Two priority foundation violations.

KP Katering Cafeteria, 727 Kenney Ave., Nov. 8. One priority foundation violation.

China Buffet, 957 W. Clairemont Ave., Nov. 14. One priority violation: The sauce in the customer self-service area is not protected from contamination. One priority foundation violation.

Star Cup/​Bubbles Tea Shop, 4800 Golf Road, Nov. 20. Two priority violations: Pho is cooling below beef and eggs; Two trays of egg rolls, pots of Pho are cooling improperly and cold-held above 41 degrees. One priority foundation violation.

Erbert & Gerbert’s,  409 Water St., Nov. 22. Two priority violations: Chicken dumpling soup is hot-held below 135 degrees (corrected); tray of tomatoes cold-held above 41 degrees in walk-in cooler (corrected).

Jimmy John’s, 923 W. Clairemont Ave., Nov. 22. One priority violation: Salami mix is cold-held above 41 degrees on prep table. One priority foundation violation.

Subway, 2831 Hendrickson Drive, Nov. 22. No violations.

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