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Lightning strike fire causes $30,000 in home damage

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BLACK RIVER FALLS - A lightning strike to a tree near a liquid propane tank lead to $30,000 damage to a nearby home.

At about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday night the Black River Falls fire department responded to a call for a wildland fire near a liquid propane tank at N7404 County Road F in the town of Adams in Jackson County. A tree near the tank had been struck by lightning, rupturing an underground copper liquid propane gas line going from the tank to the home. The gas leaking from the tank was on fire but there was no wildland fire.

While on scene, firefighters discovered smoke coming from the eaves of the single story wood frame home. They found a fire in the basement where the copper line from the propane tank came into the house along with a fire in the sub floor and floor joists. Firefighters cut out a section of the kitchen floor to get to the fire and put it out. The home sustained about $30,000 in damage from the fire, smoke and water.

No one was injured in the fire. The homeowners were away and a daughter was house-sitting for them at the time. Firefighters were on scene for about two hours.


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