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Guilty plea entered to child sex assaults

» Kids involved were younger than 4 » Woman could face 32 years in prison 

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An Eau Claire woman accused of having sexual contact with three children younger than 4 and trying to have sexual contact with a 10-year-old child will be sentenced March 19.

Sodaphy L. Ormston, 33, 909 Main St., pleaded guilty Monday in Eau Claire County Court to felony counts of repeated sexual assault of a child and causing mental harm to a child.

Four felony charges — two counts each of repeated sexual assault of the same child and first-degree sexual assault of a child under age 13 — and five misdemeanor counts of neglecting a child were dismissed but can be considered by Judge Shaughnessy Murphy at sentencing.

Murphy ordered a pre-sentence investigation by the state Department of Corrections.

Ormston could receive up to 32 years in prison.

“I think we’re looking at a prison case,” Eau Claire County assistant district attorney Ellen Anderson said.

“She’s not putting these children through any more,” Anderson said of Ormston.

Ormston’s boyfriend, Anthony A. Lee, 38, of Eau Claire, is also charged in the case and returns to court Jan. 2.

Lee is accused of allowing the 10-year-old to smoke methamphetamine.

According to the criminal complaint:  

The sexual contact occurred in November 2016 at an Eau Claire residence.

Lee said he videotaped some of the sexual contact because he didn’t think anyone would believe him.

One of the cases of sexual assault occurred while Ormston was a patient at an Eau Claire hospital.

Hospital personnel told police Ormston was violent toward them and attempted to grab workers sexually.

Lee said he didn’t bring Ormston’s sexual assaults to light because she was not herself right now.

Lee described Ormston as a sex addict, a condition that is amplified when she is on drugs.

All the assaults occurred while Ormston was high on methamphetamine, Lee said.

Ormston said she was on a methamphetamine binge and in psychosis at the time of the assaults.

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