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Former board members look to regain seats

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Three Chippewa County Board members who lost their seats in 2016 are trying to reclaim them. 

Paul Michels of Bloomer, who was the County Board chairman, lost to Matt Hartman. Henry Shakal of Boyd, who was vice chairman, lost to Tom Thornton. Mike Leisz, who represented most of the West Hill of Chippewa Falls, was chairman of the economic development committee and he served on the executive committee. He lost to Annette Hunt.

Michels, Shakal and Leisz all filed to reclaim their seats. In all, there are 12 contested races for the 15 seats in Chippewa County.

Following are contested county board races in west-central Wisconsin:

Barron: District 6, Pam Fall (I), Kay Curtin.

Buffalo: District 3, Lou Ann Roby (I), Jon Seipel. District 7, Douglas Kane (I), Max Weiss.

Chippewa: District 1, Harold Steele (I), John Ewer. District 3, Matt Hartman (I), Paul Michels. District 4, Jared Zwiefelhofer (I), Gregory Patrow. District 5, Tom Thornton (I), Henry Shakal. District 6, Jason Bergeron (I), Tom Johnson. District 7, Dean Gullickson (I), Carolyn Kaiser. District 9, Larry Willkom (I), Dean Mueller. District 11, Florian Skwierczynski (I), David Eisenhuth, Brad Hudson — primary Feb. 20. District 12, Kari Ives (I), Kathy Caron. District 13, Annette Hunt (I), Mike Leisz. District 14, Chuck Hull (I), Chester Arnold.

Clark: District 29, Randy Sebesta (I), Rollin Opelt.

Dunn: District 4, Pamela Powers, Ronald Score, incumbent Steve Rasmussen isn’t seeking re-election. District 10, Calvin Christianson (I), Michael Rogers.

Eau Claire: District 1, Gary Gibson (I), James Engel. District 3: Gary McFarlane, Joe Knight. Incumbent Doug Kranig didn’t file non-candidacy forms, but is not running. The filing deadline for that seat is extended until 5 p.m. Friday. District 7, Steve Chilson (I), Lorraine Henning. District 9, Gordon Steinhauer (I), Donald Mowry. District 10, Mike Conlin (I), Nancy Coffey, Kris Verbracken; primary Feb. 20. District 16, David Mortimer (I), Lydia Boerboom. District 21, Mark Beckfield (I), Jon Chermack.

Jackson: District 14, Robert Perry, John Higgins, incumbent Don Chrest not seeking re-election. District 19, Ed Chamberlain, Rebecca Franks, Tena Quackenbush, incumbent Dan Iverson not seeking re-election.

Pepin: District 9, John Andrews, Chad Peterson, incumbent Dwight Jelle not seeking re-election.

Pierce: District 9, Ken Snow (I), Paula Lugar.

Rusk: Unavailable until today.

St. Croix: District 5, Roy Sjoberg (I), Carla Stream. District 6, Bob Long (I), Timothy Hall. District 7, Tammy Moothedan (I), Rory O’Sullivan. District 8, Scott Nelson (I), Dan Fosterling. District 9, Jill Berke (I), Robert Fielder. District 10, David Ostness (I), Jacqueline Niccum. District 11, Roger Larson (I), Gary Hanson. District 12, Daniel Hansen (I), Mike Montello. District 13, Scottie Ard (I), Ryan Sherley. District 15, David Paterson (I), John Kraft. District 19, William Peavey (I), William Ruesch. Miller. District 4, Tom Coulter (I), Howard Novotny. District 1. Ed Schactner. Incumbent Ryan Sicard didn’t file for re-election, filing deadline is extended until 5 p.m. Friday. District 2, Chris Matter (I), Scott Nordstrand. District 3, Christopher Babbitt (I), Lynda

Trempealeau: No contested races

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