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Violent sex offender sent back to treatment center indefinitely

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CHIPPEWA FALLS — A violent sex offender will be returning to a treatment center for violating terms of his release.

Jason R. Staves, 42, was convicted in Chippewa County in 1993 of two counts of second-degree sexual assault of a child and was sentenced to five years in prison. In 1997, then-Judge Thomas Sazama reclassified Staves as a “sexually violent person,” allowing for him to be held indefinitely. Chippewa County assistant district attorney Roy Gay said Staves was held at Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center in Mauston from 1997 until he gained supervised release on Feb. 10.

However, Gay told Judge Steve Cray that Staves had violated terms of his probation and has been held in the Portage County Jail since Nov. 27. Defense attorney Charles Glynn said Staves had accessed some mature video games and pornography, which are prohibited under terms of Staves’ release. Staves does not dispute he violated terms of his release, Glynn added.

After hearing from both attorneys Tuesday, Cray determined Staves should return to Sand Ridge indefinitely for further treatment.

 “You were found to be a sexually violent person and were determined to be a great risk to the community,” Cray told Staves. “You were released with a set of rules, but all those rules had a purpose. Here, within a relatively short period of time after your release, you violated a number of rules — it wasn’t a small number.”

Cray was concerned that among the violations, Staves was found to have a knife with a 3-inch blade. Cray said that Staves had DVDs with sexually explicit covers, and possessed photo catalog that included young girls. There also were indications he wasn’t taking his medications.

“You breached the trust that is absolutely essential to supervised release. Furthermore, you didn’t own up to it until you were caught,” Cray said.

Before Cray’s ruling, Staves apologized for his actions.

Gay said the violations show Staves should not be left in the community.

“Lack of honesty is one of the obstacles to treatment,” Gay told Cray. “He had not been fully participating in treatment.”

Scott Timm, a state Department of Health Services worker, reviewed Staves’ violations and recommended he be returned to a treatment center. 

“It was determined these were violations that were ongoing,” Timm testified Tuesday. “Mr. Staves’ actions show he is unable or unwilling to conform to the expectations of his release.”

Glynn contends there is no reason to believe Staves is a danger to the community. He said the 43 days already served in jail was adequate punishment for the violation. He also suggested additional jail time or removal of all electronics from the home, instead of a complete revocation. 

“He did not violate the law,” Glynn told Cray. 

According to court records: 

In December 1993, Staves was convicted of two counts of second-degree sexual assault of a 13-year-old boy; Staves also engaged in oral sex with the boy several years earlier. In May 1994, while incarcerated, Staves allegedly engaged in nonconsensual fondling of his cellmate’s penis on three separate occasions. In September 1996, Staves falsely accused a female prison guard of masturbating in front of inmates.

Staves unsuccessfully petitioned for supervised release or discharge multiple times from 2000 through 2009.

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