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Panel to find housing for sex offenders

County Board to receive resolution creating committee according to new law

MENOMONIE — A committee tasked with finding homes for violent sex offenders is being recommended by the Health and Human Services Board to the Dunn County Board.

The resolution was previewed by the Executive Committee at its meeting on Wednesday, although no action was taken.

County attorney Nick Lange said the resolution is mostly a formality because a new law requires that a committee is created to locate residences for Chapter 980 sex offenders. He said this committee has informally met already this week.

The Health and Human Services Board is recommending the resolution at the June 20 County Board meeting.

The Chapter 980 program allows Wisconsin to civilly commit people who are deemed sexually violent after the offender’s prison sentence is served.

Wisconsin Act 184 became effective on March 30. The act makes some changes to the supervised release of sexually violent people who have been committed. The new law eliminates the ability of a court to place a sexually violent person who is eligible for supervised release outside of his/​her home county.

According to information provided during Wednesday’s meeting, this means that all sexually violent people on supervised release must be placed into the county of their residence. As a result a county must form a temporary committee with the means to find housing for sexually violent residents.

Kristin Korpela, Dunn County Department of Human Services director, said there is one sex offender set to be released in Dunn County soon. The county was informed of this individual’s release on May 9. The committee has six months to find the offender a residence.

According to her, Wisconsin has 55 Chapter 980 offenders and at least one currently resides in Dunn County.

She said individuals who are Chapter 980 offenders are electronically monitored for life. Once a location is found, state Department of Health Services funds the housing costs.

In other news, the committee approved submitting an application to host the Alice in Dairyland finals in Dunn County for the year 2021 or 2022.

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