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2 accused of fabricating story about crash

A woman allowed her mother to lie about an old back injury to avoid being implicated in a hit-and-run crash, authorities say.

The fabricated story has resulted in criminal charges for both the woman and an acquaintance.

Ramona I. Sullivan, 24, 4968 Highway F, Chippewa Falls, and Nicole L. Pitt, 24, Eleva, were charged Tuesday in Eau Claire County Court with misdemeanor counts, respectively, of hit and run attended vehicle and obstructing an officer.

Signature bonds of $250 were set for Sullivan and Pitt, who return to court Sept. 20.

According to the criminal complaint:

Eau Claire police were called to a hit-and-run crash at 9:43 p.m. July 16 at the intersection of Jeffers Road and the North Crossing.

A man said he was driving south on Jeffers Road, attempting to turn east onto the North Crossing, when a white sedan crashed into his vehicle as he was making his turn.

The sedan continued north on Jeffers Road without stopping.

Police later got information that the driver of the sedan was injured and on her way to the hospital.

An officer found the sedan, which had moderate damage to the passenger side, at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital.

Officers were told a woman, who said she was the driver, was in the emergency room with Pitt.

The woman said she and Pitt left a gas station and that she was involved in a crash after blacking out. She went to the hospital after experiencing back pain.

Pitt gave the same version of events to the officer.

Pitt began shaking visibly when told the woman would be arrested for hit and run.

After being told she would be arrested, the woman said she was lying to cover up for Sullivan, who is her daughter.

The woman said Sullivan came home and indicated she left the scene of a crash.

The woman has an old back injury and told Sullivan she would go to the hospital to cover for her.

Both Pitt and the woman said Sullivan left the scene only because she didn’t have a valid driver’s license.

Sullivan later admitted she was driving the white sedan.

Officers said the fabricated stories delayed their crash investigation by more than three hours and tied up numerous police and hospital resources. 

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