Sunday, October 21, 2018

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Bomb Taco school fundraiser surpasses goal

CHIPPEWA FALLS — A fundraiser started by a Chippewa Falls eatery to erase the debt of student lunches in the Chippewa Falls school district easily surpassed its goal, and money is still coming in.

Royce Roberts, owner of Bomb Tacos, held the fundraiser between Thursday and Saturday, with the goal of eliminating the $1,300 deficit for all students in the nine schools in the school district.

“So far we’ve collected $2,400, just at our shop,” Roberts said. “We won’t know the final amount until all the checks come in, by Wednesday.”

Roberts said he and the other businesses that jumped in to help are still collecting funds, with the surplus now going to other school lunch programs. Roberts said they also will help pay off debts in the McDonell Area Catholic Schools system.

Roberts announced the fundraiser Thursday morning, promising to give 10 percent of proceeds from sales for the three days to the benefit. In those three days, his small shop at 504 N. Bridge St. went through 220 pounds of meat, 60 pounds of beans, 60 pounds of cheese and 35 pounds of rice. 

He quickly ran out for more supplies when he could, but still ran out of burrito shells by mid-day Saturday.

“It was crazy — the line didn’t stop,” he said.

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