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Voice of the People 11/28/17

Street safety

I drive County Road KB/​Bartlett Avenue every day. There are walkers, runners, bikers and motorists who would benefit from a constructed path along this road. It seems to me our Altoona City Council members have been portrayed as unsympathetic when it comes to the safety of children; I find that unfair. Currently, there are not children walking or biking to school on the shoulder of the road. Having a path would not change that.

It’s my understanding every student can bus to school, but many parents transport their children. The oldest at Altoona Elementary School are third-graders. In this day and age, parents would not be comfortable having their children walk or bike to school through a partially wooded area, even with a path. If a path was in place, I could see the elementary school organizing supervised bike/​walk days using volunteers. There could also be supervised use during summer school or within the physical education curriculum.

I am in favor of a bike path, but let’s not give the impression young children are walking or biking to school in unsafe conditions.


Eau Claire

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