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Voice of the People 11/29/17

Thanks for safe, healthy kids

The Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention would like to say thank you to the retailers of Eau Claire County that did not sell tobacco products to minors during this year’s Wisconsin Wins compliance checks, conducted by the Eau Claire City-County Health Department.

There was an overall decrease in sales to minors during this year’s checks. The majority of retailers followed the law and are helping to keep our kids healthier and safer.

The Wisconsin Wins program is a science-based, statewide initiative designed to decrease youth access to tobacco products. Most tobacco users get started before they even turn 18, which is why it’s so important to prevent tobacco sales to minors.

According to the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, 2,600 Wisconsin youth become new daily smokers each year. Most tobacco products are bought in convenience stores, gas stations and grocery stores where the industry focuses the majority of its marketing efforts.

The free resources at WItobaccocheck.org help responsible retailers follow the law, avoid costly fines and keep tobacco out of kids’ hands — especially new, candy-flavored tobacco products that are marketed to appeal to youth.

When tobacco retailers make the choice to say “no,” what they are really saying no to is tobacco’s deadly addiction. The next time you’re at the store and you hear a clerk ask for an ID for a tobacco purchase, please join the coalition in saying, thank you. Together we can prevent the tobacco industry from making lifelong customers out of Eau Claire County youth.


Eau Claire

No excuses for bad behavior

Lechery is not something our culture approves of but supports nonetheless.

Despite the fact that we censure men for making uninvited sexual advances, we account for it being a natural urge males find it hard to subdue. Some apologists may even go so far as to say men are defenseless pawns of sexual arousal and should be allowed to satisfy the urge.

Women may be expected to tolerate a measure of such attention, even be flattered by it, as being typical male behavior and forego the rules that protect them from this impulsive display. Men are just wired that way, it is said, and women are supposed to suffer their gropings, if not learn to enjoy them.

Now and again we make a big show of our disdain toward men who sexually harass or assault women, but the prevalence of this misconduct is too embedded in our expectation and too often excused as a male prerogative. Until males man-up to their responsibility to control their sexual drive and respect the rights of women to decline their advances, our culture will continue to enable men to pleasure themselves at their victims’ expense.



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