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Voice of the People 11/30/17

In support of Adam Jarchow 

I was disappointed to hear that our state senator, Shelia Harsdorf, was resigning her seat to become the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection secretary. She has served our district well for quite some time and deserves our thanks.

However, I am encouraged to hear that Adam Jarchow was throwing his hat in the ring to replace her. I believe Jarchow would do a great job as our next state senator.

Adam is a hard-working family man who has done a great job representing our area in the state Assembly. He is truly a citizen legislator who is able to balance his duties as a state representative while staying grounded in the “real world,” running a small business and working as an attorney.

Somehow, Jarchow is able to balance his work in the “real world” and still deliver results for western Wisconsin. It’s remarkable how many times I’ve seen Jarchow’s picture in the paper over the last three years due to a bill he’s authored being signed into law. Even if you stand on the other side of the aisle from him, you have to admire his ability to get things done.

Jarchow is rock-solid on protecting sportsmen, small-business owners, farmers and property owners from the long arm of government overstep. I know, if elected, he will continue to deliver results for the people of the 10th Senate District and everyone in western Wisconsin.

On Dec. 19, I will be voting Jarchow for state Senate.



Treasury fund misguided

It is an outrage that a fund has been set up in the U.S. Treasury to pay victims of sexual assault by congressmen.

The names of guilty congressman should be published in every newspaper across the country. Every guilty congressman should face legal consequences, prison time, heavy fines, dismissal from Congress and they should repay to taxpayers every nickel paid to silence their victims.

These swine continue to serve in Congress while we pay millions for their misconduct.



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