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Voice of the People 12/01/17

Education key

An editorial asked the question, “Is Trump Going to Lie Our Way Into a War With Iran?”

We strongly encourage readers to educate themselves, rather than just accept what the current elected officials say about Iran, or for that matter, North Korea. The real facts about our military capabilities, security and preparedness are available to us all.

In 2003, just before the invasion of Iraq, we wrote a letter giving reasons why it would be so wrong. An argument we neglected to make at the time was that calling it a “war” between the U.S. and Iraq was like calling a match between the Green Bay Packers and a local high school team a “game.” It was an invasion, nothing else, and it ended as invasions almost invariably do; that is, bad for everyone. Whether it’s the sovereign nation of Iran or that of North Korea, it wouldn’t be a war. It would be an invasion, and it would be bad for everyone.

We haven’t great admiration for either country’s government, especially North Korea’s. We’re just thinking about people, ours and theirs.


Eau Claire

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