Thursday, October 18, 2018


Voice of the People 12/02/17

Good for Americans

The following are the economic improvements for the first 10 months of the Trump presidency:

• 261,000 new jobs in October, 4.1 percent unemployment rate (the lowest in 17 years), a much higher job participation rate, 1.5 million new jobs.

• $5.4 trillion more value in the stock market (many millions of Americans invest in the stock market, including retirement investments).

• Three percent rate of GDP growth (the total value of goods and services) for the last two quarters and some economists say growth may reach 4 percent for the last quarter (October through December of this year).

• Tax cuts in the process of being passed soon (cuts for all Americans except for the top one percent of wage earners), doubling the standard deduction, reform that will result in the vast majority of wage earners being able to process their returns and save the cost of tax preparation, and lower corporate tax rate (ours is now the highest in the world) that will result in many employers moving their money and jobs back to the U.S.

• All three stock exchanges are up more that 20 percent (at the time of this writing).

The above tremendous growth and improvements have happened because of the policies that our president has implemented since being sworn in on Jan 20.

Unfortunately, these vast improvements are not being reported by most of the media in our country.


Eau Claire

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