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Voice of the People 12/04/17

Don’t be fooled

Gov. Scott Walker has made claims that Foxconn will employ 13,000 and the average yearly salary will be $54,000.

Sounds great, except it reminds me of another claim, that he would create 250,000 private-sector jobs in his first term. This didn’t happen and probably won’t in two terms.

So, will the plant employ 13,000? Take what he said about the 250,000 jobs and decide. What about the claim that the average salary will be $54,000 a year? Can production workers really expect this? Go to the United States Department of Labor under the Occupational Employment Statistics for Wisconsin. There you will find that a person working as an electronic equipment assembler makes on average of $32,900 a year and there are about 10,000 of them in the state. $32,900 is a lot less than $54,000.

So is the governor lying about the average wage or the number of jobs? One doesn’t know because he is spinning the information and he is good at that. What needs to be asked is the specifics about salaries, number of jobs and the $3 billion Foxconn cost. Ask your state representative or senator and listen carefully to what answers you get. If it is “Walker” spin, it’s time for a change.


Eau Claire

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