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Voice of the People 12/07/17

In support of a carbon fee

The cost of this year’s hurricanes and wildfire disasters is staggering.

With an overwhelming scientific consensus that the magnitude of these disasters is related to climate change, one looks for a solution to combat global warming. A carbon-based fee approach has bipartisan support.

Increasing the cost of burning fossil fuels will drive the market to seek suitable green alternatives, some of which exist today. The Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a nonpolitical organization, has a market-based and revenue-neutral approach to carbon fees that is worthy of investigation.

Known as “Carbon Fee and Dividend,” the policy works like this: Assess a fee on the amount of carbon dioxide (or CO2 equivalent) that fuel will emit when burned, starting at $15 per ton, and increase it by $10 per ton annually. Return the revenue from that fee equally to all households as a dividend.

Protect American businesses by assessing a border adjustment tariff on imports from nations that do not have an equivalent fee on carbon. Revenue from the tariff would be used to pay American businesses exporting to nations that do not have a similar fee on carbon.

This policy corrects the failure of the marketplace to hold fossil fuels accountable for the damage done to the environment and society. Investments in cleaner forms of energy such as solar and wind and purchases of low-carbon emitting vehicles will accelerate, eventually reaching a level necessary to stabilize our climate.

Returning the revenue to households will ease the burden of fossil fuel cost increases everyone pays. Most people will actually receive more from the dividend than they will pay for increased energy costs.

The border adjustments, which maintain a level playing field for U.S. businesses, also provide the economic incentive for other countries to follow our lead and initiate their own carbon-pricing policies.


Shell Lake

Tax plan bad for less fortunate

The so-called Republican “Tax Reform Bill” should be called “The Take From the Poor and Middle Class and Give to Our Republican Donors.”

Their donors are the only ones getting a tax break. So now the GOP will get lots more money and can put out more propaganda to convince the poor and middle class to vote for them, and the GOP can stay in charge of our lives. Wake up, Americans, and vote for your values, not those of the rich.

My grandparents left Eastern Europe to escape the feudal system where wealthy landowners owned and controlled the land and the peasants working on it. Peasants were little more than slaves.

Well, it looks like the land that they escaped to is rapidly becoming the same as that from which they escaped. History teaches us that when this continues, it ends in a revolution.


Eau Claire

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