Sunday, October 21, 2018


Voice of the People 01/31/18

Trump deflects blame

How much longer are we going to put up with President Trump?

Doesn’t anyone know that his is just a little boy in a man’s body?

He always points the finger at someone else every time he does another stupid thing.

I don’t hate him. I feel sorry for him; he needs help.

Trump is really wrecking our world. Almost every country is mad at the USA. Trump’s mouth and his stupid ideas here really get everyone in an uproar.

Now they come up trying to get something against the FBI; anything to get the attention off Trump.

I didn’t know stupidity was contagious.



Dreamer dilemma

Hey, Dreamers: Face miles and miles of trials with smiles.

It riles them to “perceive” the tangled web we weave and “keep on thinking free.” (Moody Blues, 1969).


Eau Claire

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