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Voice of the People 02/03/18

An ignored tragedy

A Jan. 28 front-page article, “Chilling reminder,” reminded Leader-Telegram readers that Jan. 27 is the date to commemorate certain victims of Nazi Germany.

Sanctioned by the United Nations as Holocaust Remembrance Day, its purpose can be seen in the way those who promote it use the word “holocaust,” while emphasizing a select group only of Hitler’s victims. This begs the question. Why does a far greater number of people, the victims of communism in the 20th century, not receive proportionate sympathy?

The Bolshevik revolution began in Russia in 1917. To ensure its success, leader Vladimir Lenin ordered Czar Nicholas II, his wife, children, and their doctor and servants executed. When Joseph Stalin succeeded Lenin the government-sanctioned murders continued. These included the seven million Ukrainians who Stalin systematically shot, starved and froze to death in the early 1930s. And then came “Chairman Mao” in China. Beginning in 1949 Mao and his successors shot, starved and otherwise killed 35 million Chinese in an atheist-socialist regime that continues to this day. One of the more recent examples of communist mass murder occurred in the mid-1970s as the dictator, Pol Pot, and his Khmer Rouge killed two million Cambodians. During that time this writer remembers how NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw would open his nightly broadcasts with a blistering attack, not against the communist government of Cambodia, but South Africa’s white-dominated government. The media elites considered apartheid a greater problem than mass murder.

The “Black Book of Communism” was published in 1997. Authored by six European academics, it numbers the victims of Marxist governments in the 20th century at a shocking 100 million. But there is no remembrance day commemorating this greater holocaust, and if mentioned at all by the media elites, the atheist-socialist mindset which spawned it is not.


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