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Voice of the People 02/05/18

Wait on crime reports

I’m writing because of a policy this paper has that I feel is unfair and damaging to people in our area who have the misfortune of being arrested.

It’s the policy of publishing the names and booking pictures of those arrested. What if those individuals aren’t guilty of anything? An example would be “Eau Claire man arrested for sexual assault of a child” along with the worst picture possible.

If that man is found not guilty or the charges are dropped, does this paper ever publish that news with a picture? Not that I’ve ever seen. That man will forever be the man arrested for pedophilia. That arrest and assumption of guilt will follow him the rest of his life even if he’s completely innocent because the arrest was publish in the paper.

It’s perfectly acceptable to report an arrest, but very unfair to identify a person who may be innocent of any wrongdoing. This policy can also affect their housing, credit, child custody and employment, all because the arrest was reported along with the booking picture and name. Please wait until the case has been resolved in court with a guilty finding before humiliating and ruining a life by publishing a picture and name of someone who may be innocent.


Chippewa Falls

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