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Voice of the People 02/06/18

Fear, greed fuel Trump, GOP

The biggest misconception about President Trump and the Republicans is that they are making America great by building on people’s strengths. Instead, they are weakening America by appealing to people’s weaknesses.

They appeal to fear. Fear the immigrant. Fear the black person. Fear the person whose religion may be different from yours. Fear having your guns taken away.

They appeal to greed. Nothing matters more than what I have. The average CEO makes about 300 times more than the average worker. Big Pharma in the U.S. charges exorbitant prices that make people have to choose whether to pay for food, rent/​mortgage or prescriptions. Billions are paid to lobbyists and politicians to ensure those individual fortunes aren’t threatened.

They appeal to ignorance. Ignore the climate scientists. Ignore the doctors who can support scientifically that vaccines are safe. I don’t need facts; my opinion is equal to your facts.

They appeal to superficial patriotism. Defining patriotism by standing for the anthem or saluting the flag misses the point. Our soldiers do not fight for the flag or the anthem; they fight for our Constitution that allows us to live as free people. When people aren’t allowed to dissent, we are in real trouble.

Finally, they appeal to religious intolerance. Trump boasts of ending “the war on Christmas,” a phony “war” to say the least. I sometimes think some Christians love Trump and Vice President Mike Pence because these zealots see the possibility of a theocracy. America was never meant to be a Christian nation. The strength of this country is that people are allowed to freely practice their beliefs. It is when religion and government are intertwined that the problems begin.

This list is not complete. It is just an attempt to show that Trump and other Republicans are appealing to fear, not strength.


Eau Claire

Burns a strong court candidate

Tim Burns, the progressive Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate, proclaims his progressive values when he says, “This campaign is about you and your rights” and when he asks voters these questions:

• “Do you want a Supreme Court that protects your right to vote?”

• “Do you want a Supreme Court that protects your right to ask for a pay raise collectively with your co-workers?”

• “Do you want a Supreme Court that protects your right to hike and fish in a Wisconsin not destroyed by pollution?”

• “Do you want a Supreme Court that protects your right to build your own small business or small farm and compete on a level playing field with large corporations?”

That is what Tim Burns wants and what I want. If that is what you want too, vote for Tim Burns on Feb. 20.


Eau Claire

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