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Voice of the People 02/08/18

Candidate transparent

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Tim Burns represents fair wages, a protected environment and a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body. He represents a bright, hopeful future here in Wisconsin for me, my neighbors and the next generation.

Tim is transparent about his progressive values. We know exactly who we are electing — someone who will choose people over corporations.

Some have said that Tim’s openly progressive campaign is too political, but as the Supreme Court votes on a liberal/​conservative line consistently, I’d rather know who I’m electing rather than continue to pretend that these judicial campaigns are politics-free.

If Tim has earned the support of progressive champions like Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg and former Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton and others, he deserves our support too.

On Feb. 20, we have an opportunity to vote for everything that Burns represents in the spring primary for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Early voting started recently, and I am eager to get to the polls to cast my vote for Tim.


Eau Claire

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