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Voice of the People 02/25/18

Action needed

It is now clear the adopted strategy of Republicans following a mass shooting is to offer prayers and dismiss it to mental illness, as if that’s all we have at our disposal in dealing with the ongoing national tragedy of gun violence.

These spineless politicians are unwilling to challenge the NRA, but all too willing to let children die from guns in the hands of those who should not have them. Every country has citizens with mental illness, but no other country experiences anywhere near the gun deaths of the U.S. The Second Amendment to the Constitution is one sentence: A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Why do you suppose the U.S. founders included the words “well regulated” at the beginning of that single sentence? Does anyone really believe that Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and James Madison would observe the current level of gun violence and mindlessly offer their prayers and look the other way?

The staunchest of gun rights advocates like to focus on the “shall not be infringed” section of the Second Amendment, but not a word from them on “well regulated.” For better or worse, guns are part of our national existence, and the founders established this with the Second Amendment. They also made it clear they expected guns to be “well regulated.”

None of us should be under the illusion that mass shootings will immediately end with the adoption of sensible gun regulations and strict enforcement of current laws. However, if we love our children more than our guns, then we must act. To do nothing in the face of this perpetual violence is either cowardly or a form of mental illness itself.


Eau Claire

Council woes

I have lived in this community for 67 years. I have chosen this city as my place of residence because I’ve grown up here. I like it here and this is where my friends live. For the most part I feel we have had quite good elected leadership in our City Council members such as we do today. Yes, we’ve had some genuine characters in the past: i.e. the “Six Pack”, etc., but overall, the citizens of this community have been served by dedicated city officials who have looked out for the best interests of the city’s population — until now.

Presently we have one individual who apparently didn’t get the memo that elected office in this community has to do with serving the needs of the 67,000 residents. This is and should be priority No. 1 for elected officials.

However, in her case, it’s evident that she is in it only to serve her own interests and further her own personal agenda. Who could have possibly brought the ACLU into an issue which concerns one nursing mother and her infant rather than the people who reside in this city? After all, at a City Council meeting, far more important it is to nurse one’s infant than to be concerned with the interests and well being of the city’s population.

It is fair to say that Catherine Emmanuelle’s agenda is simple: “It’s all about me.”


Eau Claire

Time for change is now

What’s a human life worth? If you kill 17 people with a weapon of mass destruction, and an AR-15 rifle costs $500, it looks like around $30 a head. Absolutely tragic. When is enough enough.

This is a public health issue and not just a criminal issue. It’s time for our politicians at the state and national levels to take responsibility and develop legislation for gun control. Americans own over 80 guns for every 100 people, the highest level in the world. We also have the highest gun murder and suicide rate and the highest level of mass shootings among the planet’s developed countries.

It is shameful that any politician would be opposed to legislation that would take the AR-15 rifle out of the hands of non military and police personal. These guns are used to hunt people and not wild animals. Any legislator that is opposed to restricting the sale of these guns to everyday citizens should be voted out of office.


Candler, N.C.

State has made progress

In the years I lived in Africa, I noted many times that ostriches don’t hide by burying just their heads in the ground, as the myth goes, but excavate a hole big enough to hide their entire body. Not only can they not be seen, but they can’t see out either.

If the reporting of a recent meeting of gubernatorial candidates is correct, this is clearly what they have all done for the last eight years. These “progressives” (odd term for obvious retro-gressives) had to have been asleep in their holes in order to completely be unaware of the huge progress our state has made in most aspects of life here. Or is it simply a matter of being blind because they don’t want to see?


Eau Claire

In support of candidate

It is without reservation that I am endorsing Lyndsey Boon Brunette in her campaign to be the next Clark County Circuit Court judge.

Lyndsey is highly qualified to serve as judge as she has extensive courtroom experience on both sides of the bench. In her position as Clark County Court commissioner, she has heard and rendered decisions in family and small claims matters and issued temporary restraining orders when necessary to ensure the safety of children and the elderly.

As the former Clark County district attorney, Lyndsey has secured justice for the victims of crime. As a former Clark County corporation counsel, Lyndsey has advised 27 county department heads and ensured that services were provided to children who were neglected or abused as well as those suffering with mental illness. 

As a lifetime resident of Clark County who has practiced with Lyndsey, I know her to be hard-working, fair, open-minded and dedicated in her service to the residents of Clark County. I urge you to vote for Lyndsey Boon Brunette, a Clark County native, as our next circuit court judge.



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