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Voice of the People 02/26/18

Zoning woes

Both a Leader-Telegram article and Councilwoman Kathy Mitchell inferred that our neighborhood’s objections to the rezoning of an adjoining property from single-family to duplex is our fear of strangers and desire for isolation. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our Shorewood Heights neighborhood testified before the Plan Commission and City Council objecting to rezoning and building a street through Northwest Community Park, our neighborhood’s southern border. Although the commission rubber-stamped the project, the City Council voted it down. At that time the development was stopped from rezoning for a year. Now, six months later that decision was somehow overturned.

Six months ago and still now our neighborhood had the following objections to the rezoning:

First, we are becoming a small island of single-family homes in a sea of duplexes. To our north are rental duplexes. To our northwest along Jeffers Road twin homes are being built. At the intersection of North Crossing and Jeffers Road is a large development of multi-family rentals and duplexes. This creates a property value issue and increases traffic.

Second, Jeffers Road is the only access route already to hundreds of families and their homes along with the new ballparks and Northwest Community Park. Jeffers Road is, at best, crumbling and narrow without sidewalks. It hardly has the capacity for the traffic on it today.

Our third objection is against adding a through street into Northwest Community Park. The park is a woodlands with hiking, biking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails and is home to a diversity of wildlife.

Councilwoman Kate Beaton stated that people feel ignored by our elected officials, and she was right.


Eau Claire

Comics missed 

It is very disappointing to read that the Sunday comics will no longer be as complete or in color.

Most newspaper readers began doing so as children with the comics. The color pages drew their attention immediately. By burying one page behind the want ads in black and white, the L-T is missing the opportunity to introduce young readers to the news. Your back page section, aimed at youth, was informative and fostered a desire to learn even more.

Your stated desire to focus the energies of your staff on local events and news rings a bit hollow. The section around your announcement was filled with reprinted articles and items from out of town and out of state newspapers. None appear to have been produced locally.

The true impetus for cutting back the comics seems more likely an effort to save expenses. Newspapers give credibility to the stories they print by getting facts straight and being truthful. Please grant your subscribers the respect to be honest in your reporting.

Please remember that a man named Joseph Pulitzer saw the value in attracting readers to his New York newspaper by including comics back in 1895. He has a legacy of knowing something about publishing.


Eau Claire

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