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Voice of the People 02/27/18

Government lacks leadership

If a person were to list strengths that a politician should have, I would put leadership at or near the top.

Sadly, leadership seems to be lacking at the state and national level. To be a real leader takes courage. Tell it like it is, so to speak. Isn’t anyone in Congress concerned about the national debt? The interest on said debt is soon to be the third biggest expense in the budget and will crowd out programs our nation badly needs. President Trump’s proposed budget already goes after programs that benefit those other than the one percenters. Seven hundred billion-plus for defense — wow. Back in the 1990s someone in Congress thought the Defense Department should be audited. We are still waiting.

Good Republicans signed a “no tax pledge.” Is it possible that Republicans don’t know that taxes are the source of government revenue? If a deficit is staring you in the face a true leader would say, “Folks, we need to raise taxes to pay for these programs.” Paul Ryan and other GOP leaders say Social Security is in trouble. No it isn’t. During the fat years of the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s Congress left a trail of IOUs to the program. Isn’t the credit of Congress any good?

Nor has our state been neglected by such goofy thinking. Our governor has stuck the Badger State with the Foxconn deal. Because Walker will subsidize the wages of a worker at Foxconn, this will cost the Wisconsin taxpayer $230,700 per job and the state won’t break even until 2043. Finally I can’t imagine anyone in Kewanee County voting for one Republican after they allowed 60 percent of its wells to become tainted.

We got problems? Oh, you bet. What are we going to do about it? Elections are coming.


Chippewa Falls

Sewage dump evades Madison 

Shame on the city of Wausau for dumping 3.7 million gallons of raw sewage into the Wisconsin River because of a plugged pipe in their sewage system.

Was the DNR, EPA or anybody concerned? Apparently not. If this had been a farmer with a small manure spill, I’m sure the press would still be hollering about it.

So ... what happens to the guy in charge? Does he get promoted?

Thanks, Country Today, for reporting this.


Eau Claire

Evidence tough to determine

In a recent Opinion submission, the writer criticized Wisconsin gubernatorial candidates for being unaware of the “huge progress” Wisconsin has made “in most aspects of life here.”

However, the author fails, or is simply unable, to mention even one of these items of progress. I have the same problem.


Eau Claire

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