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Voice of the People 03/02/18

Laws become too lax

A few years ago, I went to a local store to get some beer.

Three young people were in a sport-utility vehicle as the driver came out of the store with a case of beer. Two young couples, a beautiful summer day, a trip to a lake or a park perhaps. Life is good. Then I noticed as I walked by their vehicle an AR-15 strapped behind the driver’s seat. All perfectly legal.

Laws enacted nationally — the removal of the ban on sale of assault rifles in President Bush’s second term and, statewide, unloaded guns transported uncased. All perfectly legal. Add to this the concealed carry, including switch-blades, the “stand your ground” laws plus the removal of the 48-hour “cooling off” wait to purchase a handgun — it’s little wonder many of us are a bit uneasy. Add to the national anxiety a president with the temperament and intellect of a fifth-grade bully, and we ask ourselves, “What can be done?” Then we answer ourselves, “Nothing will be done.”

I’m old — no one in a position of power will listen to me. Fine. I therefore urge school-age children, from coast to coast, to march on every government office everywhere and demand change. They will listen to you.


Rice Lake

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