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Voice of the People 03/04/18

Teacher on point

Thanks for the essay on school violence by Rachael Harry, who teaches theater in an Oregon school thousands of miles from Parkland, Fla.

Her high school students are likewise traumatized by bullets shot in Parkland. Her message of teaching empathy and a call to adults to grow up and be responsible needs to be heard by everyone.

We should all be theater students.


Eau Claire

A worthy candidate

It is with great pleasure that I am able to endorse Lyndsey Boon Brunette as a candidate for the upcoming open seat for circuit judge in Clark County.

I am aware of her past accomplishments and was privileged to work with her while she was the corporation counsel for Clark County. She rightly earned a reputation for being fair, equitable and knowledgeable of the law. Her tenacity and follow-through was beneficial to staff and community alike.

Boon Brunette has had involvement with staff that was always positive, giving clear and concise direction when needed. She is professional and was always educated on rules and regulations that require diligent attention involving negotiations, investigations and mediation. She is also gracious and helpful with clients and employees alike. Boon Brunette is a great advocate for protecting our children and families with a willingness to assist with efficient and effective collaboration. She addresses issues in a diplomatic fashion, with great sensitivity to confidential matters.

I have huge admiration for Boon Brunette for many other reasons than work. As a longtime resident of Clark County, I have watched her display family values in a day and age of family break up. In my position in social services, I unfortunately see the substance abuse, mental health and child welfare issues that our many communities face in Clark County. Boon Brunette brings strength of character and mind to all of the tasks set before her. She is a positive role model and highly respected in her position and within the community.

I truly believe she will commit herself to the challenge of becoming the judge with dedication and diligence. She is ready to advance, and I am certain she will accomplish her goal with great determination and reasonable thought.



Change unfortunate

When the TV sections went a few years back, it wasn’t surprising. The syndicated magazine sections seem to be hanging on, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them disappear soon due to your financial shortcomings. Now this.

It’s been many decades since the Sunday papers displayed in the drug and grocery stores had their color comics section wrapped around them, and it’s doubtful the motley selection of a bit less colorful Sunday comics that represent even the largest sections nationwide are pulling in a measurable readership from kids and adults. But it’s a part of the Sunday paper instilled in me from the days of sitting on my grandpa’s lap as he read them to me, and it’s something I will miss, even while still being able to read the six of them that remain, albeit in glorious black and white.

(Six. I remember when the paper was two columns wider, there were two sections and 12 to 14 pages every Sunday). Now, instead of the five or six minutes it still takes me to read the four-page section, it’ll take a couple of minutes to read one, which isn’t such a great change, I guess.

But when my memories stretch back to hearing them read over the radio in Milwaukee by a kids’ host (”Here’s one of your favorites, kids, ‘Donald Duckle,’ good for a chuckle!”) and recalling the day I read the section on my own, it’s hard to put into words my sense of loss.

Oh, well. More time to nap on Sunday mornings.



L-T story compelling

I was so very delighted to read the front-page article in the Jan. 13 Eau Claire Leader-Telegram newspaper titled “To students, with love.”

I personally found this generous and continual act from Gloria and Jim Ganther extremely admirable. As a former educator of 33 years in Eau Claire and surrounding communities, I also genuinely value youth and the excellent education they are getting in the Eau Claire area. This benevolent act by the Ganthers clearly demonstrates their value of education and their feelings regarding the power of our local youth.

With all of the bad things that seem to be happening in our cities, counties, state and country, I was extremely pleased to see the positive and heart-warming story on the front page of your newspaper. I personally believe we need to start celebrating the good things happening in our area more often. I also believe when we celebrate the good, it allows us to deal with the bad in a more introspective and maybe more effective manner.

It is both satisfying and admirable to have become aware that Gloria and Jim have been so generous while they truly value the education of so many of our youth. Regularly investing their own money in a very humanitarian way while helping over 100 of our youth with their educational endeavors was and will be a changer for many seeking post-secondary education.

Let’s celebrate the Ganthers, not only for their generosity but for reminding us all that we can make differences every day. Through educational opportunities, a supported direction and with love, we can continue to celebrate what’s right in the world.


Eau Claire

Geissler memorable

I have watched a lot of basketball. Scouted plenty of teams and individuals. When it comes to players, there are online periodicals and publications that can give you statistics that will paint a pretty clear picture concerning their abilities. For the even more ambitious, one can pursue video or film and get even a clearer picture of a player.

I watched Thorp a variety of times many moons ago. My notes on Amanda Geissler went as follows: “Must see in person.” So what does that mean? Don’t stats and video portray enough of a player’s abilities? For most it does, but for a select few it doesn’t.

How do you measure leadership? You watch her eyes as she listens to her coach in a huddle or her involvement from the bench when she isn’t on the floor. How do you gauge competitiveness? You watch her pursue every loose ball likes it is hers or even her body language when the game isn’t going her way. How do you measure passion? You watch her teammates respond to her energy and disposition.

Is she selfless? Does she encourage? Does she understand the dynamics of being a captain? A peer?

Stats do not help with that. Video hints at it. Did Geissler play the game with joy, competitiveness, energy, leadership and passion? She sure did and by the looks of it, she led her life the same way. Her story as a basketball player, daughter and sister is certainly worth telling.


Chippewa Falls

NRA too influential

Rep. Paul Ryan was quick to respond to the recent shooting in Florida by saying we need more facts before we react to calls for more gun control and use knee-jerk reactions. He has been saying this for years, and I’m not sure what he is looking for after another shooting that killed 17 and the many others that have happened recently.

The White House spokesperson says now is not the time to talk about guns after the shooting. Well, Ryan was quick to respond and so it makes you wonder if that was for the NRA to let them know, “Remember, I’m in,” when it comes to donation time as he has received $177,000 since 2016.

The president in February 2017 rescinded the Obama bill making it harder for people with mental illness to buy guns. I wonder how Ryan voted on that?

The NRA has most of the lawmakers in its pocket. Maybe it’s time to put a limit on their donations or have it eliminated completely. The Trump campaign received around $30 million toward the election, very disgusting.

I know you can never remove guns from our society, but automatic weapons should never be allowed for sale.



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