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Voice of the People 03/05/18

Societal issues a key concern

Gun control is a red herring hot button that will have no material impact on the all too often tragedies. For the record, I would ban large magazines, deepen background checks, increase age to purchase and ban gun sales to people with negative legal or mental histories. But we are still left with some mentally ill, pure evil people. Gun control is naive poppycock.

In the business world, we have a term called root cause analysis, which helps us determine what the actual cause of the problem is. For example, if we have an infection in our finger nail, we don’t cut it off; we determine what is causing the infection. Guns are the “infection” but certainly not the cause.

To me, the cause of these tragedies is the slowly eroding moral fabric of our society. In 1962 the Supreme Court removed prayers from public schools. The 1960s cultural revolution removed many boundaries so if it felt good, do it and don’t worry about the consequences. The ‘70s saw the Supreme Court marginalize the importance of life. The ‘80s got rid of winners and losers for our youth but failed to tell the youth that in the real world, there are winners and losers. Recently, it is more important to look for ways to be offended than ways to get along. Now, we’re seeing our first generation turn 18 having been raised on social media and the resulting lack of social development. Kind of see a trend here?

Let’s focus on reducing the number of publicity-seeking homicidal maniacs and increased mental health treatment options. There are many more approaches, but I am getting close to my 300 words.

An inexpensive start — go to church. The God that is summoned in crisis is the same God in peace. He’s available and willing.



Judge Murphy worthy of post

Vote for Judge Shaughnessy Murphy in Eau Claire County Circuit Court, Branch 5.

Good judges develop certain habits of mind. One of those habits of mind is the habit of delaying reaching conclusions until everything has been considered.

Judge Murphy is a good judge with this habit of mind in place in his courtroom. He makes sure that the rule of law is enforced with compassion and commitment to protect society and impose consequences for illegal behavior.

When taking his oath of office, he made a solemn obligation to fairly interpret and apply the law after listening carefully to those speaking. Murphy is doing just that each day and will continue to use his intelligence, wisdom and sound judgment to make decisions considering all perspectives. He is an honest, hard-working, caring family man of integrity who knows this community well and understands its challenges.

A vote for Murphy is a vote for equal justice under the law and a vote for a safer, stronger city and county of Eau Claire.


Eau Claire

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