Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Voice of the People 03/06/18

‘Zoning woes’ letter response

First, accessibility. A few years ago it was stated in a police report that criminals and mischief-makers hate neighborhoods like ours with only one way in and one way out. It is too easy for them to get spotted and caught. Now that will change.

Second. The definition of a planned community development is defined as a “good mix of houses,” which the re-zoning for the large planning map of the city is not. Neither at the Plan Commission meeting or at a City Council meeting did any city official or City Council member state that this was a “good mix of housing.” If anyone could say with a straight face that this is a good mix of housing it would be a falsehood.

Third. The future availability of single-family homes in our area for growing families to transition from duplexes and multiplexes to single homes, of their own, will be virtually nonexistent. This is not only bad for our area and the city, it is wrong.


Eau Claire

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