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Voice of the People 07/01/18

Trump’s blame game

Blame the press, blame the Democrats, blame Congress, blame Hillary, blame Obama, blame Mexico, blame Canada, blame Trudeau, blame Germany, blame the immigrants, blame Comey, blame the FBI and, finally, blame the Mueller commission.

Face it America, Trump is a walking, talking blame factory.


Eau Claire

Difficult comparison

In 1883, the USA had a total population of 54 million when Emma Lazarus penned “The New Colossus” as follows: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Now we have 328 million of the tempest-tost.


Eau Claire

Study problematic

I would very much like to comment on a recent Leader-Telegram story regarding the “obesity problem” in our state.

According to the article, the researchers noted their data was collected from physicians’ records rather than from the populace at large. I have a problem with this back-patting by “the researchers.”

My last three physicals were taken in January or February. Before I left for the physical I weighed myself naked. Result: 215 pounds. Since I have had more than one science course, I knew I shouldn’t rely on my scale being accurate so I then weighed myself with my boots, jeans, leather winter coat with my pockets filled with my normal assortment of “necessary junk.” Result: 229 pounds.

When I went for my physical I was weighed “as is.” Result: 229 pounds. I looked at my chart and the weight entry stated 229 pounds. When I objected, the tech merely shrugged her shoulders.

After I read this article I spent a little time researching healthy body weights. The result: I am in the healthy weight range for a man 6’4” tall and 70 years old, but I was still recorded as overweight. It makes me wonder; how many of these overweight people are really overweight and how many of them are just carrying a lot on their body, not in their body?


Eau Claire

Gangsters mislabeled

The president’s recent comments, calling immigrants (or, if you believe his defenders, “only” members of the American gang MS-13) “animals,” troubles me.

It troubles me not just because dehumanizing “the other” has historically preceded genocide, but because this rhetoric absolves those who commit horrific crimes of any responsibility. It makes it seem like no human could possibly do such things. It makes the evil they do seem distant when, in fact, it is a very human evil that has always been in existence.

They are human — the worst examples of humanity, yes, but to call them “animals” or “worse” would be to grant them a kindness and a reprieve from responsibility they do not deserve. The Nazis were — are — human. We had to prosecute them for crimes that were committed not by inhuman monsters, but by humans, against humans.

We cannot, in good conscience, let them have this reprieve. They’re human, and they should be held responsible for their actions.


Eau Claire

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