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Voice of the People 07/02/18

Left off base on immigration

How can there be honest debate on immigration when the left only screams, threatens and accuses the opposition of what they themselves have done, are doing, or worse?

Some say they are choosing the “high” road. Unfortunately, that kind of “high” requires large doses of political bias as the “drug” of choice.

Is there any real concern for children in the hearts and minds of leftists? If so, where was the “outrage” during former administrations when the same policy of separating out children in fenced off areas at the border was common immigration processing practice? And what of the barbaric ripping of innocent babies from their mother’s womb? Concern for children is a sham.

The fake outcry feeding the left’s political ambitions is as heartlessly self-seeking as the drug cartels, the sex traffickers and the Islamic terrorists. The only goal here is to destroy and overthrow the presidency of the United States, wrest back the ability to complete the destruction of this great country as a sovereign constitutional republic and turn it into a lawless globalized satellite of the world. Wake up people.

And yes, do take a step back and look at what a “borderless country” and permanent “sanctuary for illegals” looks like. First of all, law and order becomes meaningless since it has been trashed to accommodate foreigners before citizens — and at an initial processing cost of around $35,000 per sweet illegal immigrant. Sort of a foreigner’s “welcome wagon” and with a myriad more handouts following.

So what do you, John Q. Citizen, receive? The bill, for selling out your constitutional rights. And the law? Don’t expect it to protect you and yours when vicious gangs like MS-13 are taking over neighborhoods and drug and sex traffickers are exploiting your children and grandchildren.


Eau Claire

Stop efforts of Trump and co. 

“Child Gulags,” “Trump’s concentration camps” and the terms shockingly cruel, traumatic, inhumane and barbaric describe the Donald Trump/​Jeff Sessions practice of tearing children from parents and putting the kids in cages or tents (in the hot sun) surrounded by barbed-wire fences.

Over 2,000 children have been incarcerated and separated from their asylum-seeking parents on the Mexican border. This new policy’s “Bible-supported” purpose: 1) To deter future border-crossing by brown-skinned, desperate families, 2) To coerce congressional Democrats to finance a border wall in exchange for ending family separations.

Will congressional Republicans (especially Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson), who are apparently terrified of the Trump base, support this latest abominable Trump edict? Or will they start acting like members of a co-equal branch of government and stop the Trump/​Sessions ruthless authoritarian incarceration of children?


Eau Claire

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