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Voice of the People 07/05/18

CWD propaganda

The chronic wasting disease “great” scare, put forth by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, insurance companies, paper-forestry-logging companies, etc. — the prions are here, have been here and will remain. You can not exterminate and exterminating the deer herd will not end nor is it attainable.

When did CWD appear? When they started testing for it. Did it exist prior to that time, no one knows because they didn’t test for it. The prions have not and have not been shown to jump to humans. Discovered in 1967 in Colorado, no connection to humans as of this time.

Keep up the propaganda campaign and the public, hunters, etc., buy in. Look beyond the smoke to the true political agenda of CWD and the DNR and the minions who draw the paycheck from the businesses that profit and the taxpayer. Come on people you cannot be this naive. Do you really believe the line of garbage they are dishing out?

Quote: (Most hunters won’t like this.) That is because hunters and landowners took control of the mismanaged deer herd the DNR cannot manage. The solution to this is simple. License boycott. Don’t fund the DNR nonsense — creating bigger government, keeping their buddies employed, catering to car insurance companies and forestry.

Why do they want to reduce the deer herd? Because the hunters took control of the herd and not the DNR. We grew the herd and the DNR, etc., does not like it. This is smoke and mirrors, wag the dog, call it what you want. The great scare is just that. Hunters, landowners, public, look through the smoke being used. The fear being created for their purpose.

Brian Phelps


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