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Voice of the People 07/06/18

Flynn supported

I’m sorry to see our local candidate, Dana Wachs, out of the race for governor.

Dana was my early favorite in this race. It was only after I attended a forum in December that I began looking at another candidate, Matt Flynn. What I was looking for on that stage was an intelligent, progressive fighter who values our Democratic Party principals and who could win.

Matt has been running a 72-county campaign with a diverse staff and a team of policy experts. Matt is a veteran, former state party chair and a brilliant attorney.

There’s nothing we can’t fix in our state by listening to the people in our communities doing the work, and Matt knows that. Matt has been a leader of policy because he has the courage to do the right thing.

We’ve all been hostages in Walker’s race to the bottom. We need a candidate who can stand on that debate stage next to Walker and call him out. Matt is our best choice.

There’s nothing more important to me than seeing a Dem elected in November. My daughters will leave for college in September 2019. I need Wisconsin to be the place they want to come back to. I can’t ask them to choose between their professional dreams and my need to have them nearby.

We need to make Wisconsin the place where our young people want to stay and raise families. Walker has gutted education, environmental standards and wages. That’s before we even mention the disgusting Foxconn con. $4.5 billion. That’s enough in tax breaks and cash to distribute $62.5 million to each of our 72 counties. It needs to be stopped.

I will support any Dem in November and urge you to look at Flynn right now.

Bobbi Green

Eau Claire

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