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Voice of the People 07/08/18

Council clowns?

Months ago, I began to have high hopes that this Eau Claire City Council was really going to tackle the important issues that have been festering for years without being dealt with.

 Of course, my hope began with The Great Breast Feeding Debate. Unsophisticated neighboring towns and cities snickered at us then (and probably shook their heads), but only because they couldn’t comprehend the importance and necessity.

The progressive Eau Claire City Council recently got down to the real business that matters. They voted 10-0, mind you, to adopt “people first” language in their official communication and eventually update its website and code of ordinances to do the same. I’m not sure what it will cost, but it will be well worth every thousand to not see, hear or read the words “citizen,” “pedestrian,” “disabled,” “low income” or “poor” again. Thank you, City Council.

Many find it offensive to refer to Eau Claire City Council members as councilperson. I hope they next debate changing that to a more fitting term, such as “clowns”?


Eau Claire

Wheel tax too high

Wheel tax: A $10 fee increase, OK; but $30, no.

How and who determines who is poor and who is rich? Do they have access to Eau Claire County residents’ bank accounts, where they work, what they own (auto, home, ect.).

The road I live on is in the township of Pleasant Valley, which makes it a township road not a county road, so the road tax will never help fix the road I live on. 

Yes, I drive on the county roads, but so do the poor and rich. It is like joining the country club and paying your dues, but the poor and rich can also be a member without the membership dues.

Before you say “yes” to this increase, think good and long about it. It doesn’t seem to me a lot of research into this raise was done. I’m retired and on a fixed income and this fee will cost me an increase of $60 per year. Maybe I need to move out of Eau Claire County. Hmmmm.



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