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Voice of the People 07/11/18

Precious lives could potentially be saved

Unfortunately, people’s minds get messed up to the point where they’re capable of doing a lot of tragic things.

Such things as using drugs, loneliness, bullying, terrorism, broken homes and relationships, etc., cause mental issues. These mentally ill persons are known to commit suicide, rapes, knife attacks, beatings and killing people. No matter where you are, you can be a victim of violent acts.

Lately, our schools have had some serious acts of killing. In spite of having many agencies that track mentally ill persons, we are unable to stop these incidents. How do we protect people from being affected by people who are a danger to our society? 

The following stories are examples of some recent violent incidents.

Thirty-two people were killed at Virginia Tech. How many people would have been killed had there been qualified concealed carriers to stop the shooter?

Twenty-six people were killed at Sandy Hook before the police arrived in 5 minutes. How many would have been killed if within seconds if someone would have confronted the killer?

Forty-nine people were killed in an Orlando nightclub.

Two coaches sacrificed their lives to protect the students in the Florida high school where 17 were killed. Teacher Jason Seaman lurched forward and knocked the gun out of the hand of the shooter after he’d critically wounded 13-year-old Ella Whistler.

A heroic national guardsman shot a gunman who had shot three people at an Oklahoma City restaurant.

We love our kids and all of our citizens and don’t want anyone to be needlessly and tragically killed. Wherever people are, if there is someone who is screened and qualified to carry a gun, less people will be killed. 

Gun-free zones are killing zones.


Eau Claire

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