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Voice of the People 08/16/18

Claims dubious

The conversation on WPR’s The West Side recently introduced many to the incumbent Assembly District 93 Representative Warren Petryk and his Democratic challenger Charlene Warner.

Listening to Petryk, one might think we are living in a utopia. “Public school teachers in the 93rd District are flourishing,” he said and followed with a long list of claims about how Wisconsin is climbing up the ranks against other states in many categories. Petryk claimed that Wisconsin was one of the “top 10 economies in the country.”

Now, if you are a politician the convenient thing about such a claim is that there is no single standard for that measurement. But there are attempts to measure. U.S. News (hardly a “lefty rag”), with analytic help from McKinsey consultants, ranked Wisconsin No. 27 — between Montana and South Dakota. The overall ranking is a composite of three composite measures; Wisconsin ranked 36th in growth, 10th in employment and 31st in business environment.

Petryk claimed that Wisconsin students are leading the nation in ACT scores. You can look that up at the ACT website. I did. It isn’t true. Wisconsin’s composite average ACT score in 2017 was 20.5, which is below the composite average for all states of 21.0 and places Wisconsin between West Virginia at 20.4 and Texas at 20.7. In fact 29 states had higher average composite scores.

It’s difficult to keep up with these sorts of claims and few have time to fact check them all. So I’m voting for someone we can trust: Warner.



Difficult season

It is truly disheartening to realize that the calendar has turned to August. Not only is summer over and I have to survive another year of Aaron Rodgers’ prime wasted, but unfortunately it’s an election year and I have to deal with those depressing political ads. Ugh.

Let’s looks at the races. Gov. Scott Walker still has not commented on his not wearing a hat during the 2010 Super Bowl parade speech. I get he singlehandedly saved the nation from Obama’s economy, but how will I ever be able to talk to my kids about proper headgear with him in office? It was well below freezing and we have not won since his disregard for common sense.

Leah Vukmir sounds related to the one who can’t be named. Kevin Nicholson aligned himself to Ronald Reagan, who tripled the national debt. Why would we want a Marine from the Middle East conflict when we have yet to win and are still in the war? Did we really want another failure in Congress like that Arizona fellow?

Tony Evers thinks education is important even though we need bodies in unskilled positions and teaching most folks is a waste of time. I was proven a fool thinking Quito was the capitol of Equator as opposed to some fad diet no thanks to education.

The depressing part is we have a solid two more months to go of political awfulness. The only silver lining is that the liberals may get Urban Meyer out of there, allowing the Badgers to win the national championship.


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