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Voice of the People 08/18/18

Trump losing steam

The press has the right and the duty to criticize President Trump’s claims of “fake news” and “enemy of the people.”

Trump needs only to look at his statements for fake news. As to the press being the enemy of the people, that is a clear example of fake news. Didn’t Hitler and Stalin use those tactics?

Here are examples of “Trump News”:

• He accused Barack Obama of bugging Trump Towers.

• No Russians attended that infamous meeting in Trump Towers.

• Because of Vladimir Putin’s strong denial, why, Russia never hacked into our political system.

Didn’t we just learn that Russia did hack into Sen. Claire McCaskill’s election? What was really said when Trump and Putin met alone for two hours?

Yes, Mr. Trump, you did say you fired James Comey because of the Russia investigation, don’t deny it. Trump’s policy did create that mess on the U.S.-Mexico border, then he blamed the Democrats for it.

Now for some real news: Trump’s declining popularity is evident by the recent special elections. The percentage of those who first supported him has declined when compared to the results of the special elections in Ohio, Alabama and elsewhere.

Now he’s stripped former CIA Chief John Brennan of his national security clearance just because Brennan said some things critical of Trump. The truth hurts.


Eau Claire

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