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Voice of the People 08/19/18

NFL incident misunderstood

During all wars involving the U.S., countless military veterans have “taken a knee” on the battlefield to respect, honor and mourn their fallen comrades.

You see many examples of that symbol: on flags, giftware, statues, etc. The visual: a person with her rifle pointed up and used for balance, her helmet on the ground in front of her, and her kneeling on the opposite knee, with head bowed in agony and respect.

At the American Legion in Cornell there is a pencil drawing of a Vietnam soldier doing exactly that. It was donated by a veteran of three wars: WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

When Colin Kaepernick decided to sit in response to police killings of African Americans, a fellow football player, Army Special Forces Green Beret Nate Boyer, encouraged him to kneel, not sit, during the “Star-Spangled Banner.” He explained that military performs the ritual in front of a fallen brother’s/​sister’s grave or corpse to show respect, and at other times during exercises. The gesture is similar to flags flown at half mast.

Colin and his friend Nate talked and listened to each other. What a concept.

Take a moment to observe the current disrespectful president as he enters and exits Air Force One and Marine One. He issues a sloppy salute with no eye contact to the military person always there. Or he issues no salute, no eye contact, no thank-you, no handshake. By the way, he had five deferments during Vietnam. We should not be surprised when he disses the NFL to distract from other more pertinent issues of his own shenanigans.

The Constitution guarantees freedom of speech. That includes NFL players. The Packers should consider hiring Colin. He was the best young quarterback in the NFL. Now that would be a courageous move.


Eau Claire

Breaking up of families a sin

What is the value of a family? Is that different than having family values?

I was reflecting upon this question as I put my sick 12-month-old son to bed recently. I considered how much I love him and how deep our bond has become in a quick calendar year.

I cannot shelter him from pain and suffering throughout his life. Part of the human experience is to freely make choices and ultimately suffer. A reasonable degree of suffering makes us appreciate health, makes us resilient with struggles, and ultimately makes us stronger as individuals, families, teams, communities and countries.

I would do anything for my kids. I fight for their right to the human experience without unfair prejudice, injustice or the man-made maladies that afflict our society. In turn, my children give my life a foundation meaning and responsibility.

Most people understand and value the family unit. I think separating parents from children under the guise of “following the law” is a sin of Biblical proportion. The greatest country the world has ever known is operating without a moral compass and the slippery slope of condoning the unconventional behaviors of our commander in chief has literally allowed our society to slip backward in principle, integrity and global leadership.

Money does not “trickle down,” but leadership certainly does. How we treat our fellow human being suffering the human condition while fleeing from the violence of oppression to seek a life well lived for their children matters.



Protests of left disrespectful

I am disturbed by what I see and hear on the news. When liberals are interviewed, their eyes are bugging out, their voices are raised and their hands are waving and pointing and they use phrases like, “It must!” and “We can’t allow this to happen.”

The Democrats are witnessing the moral decay of their party. Their protests are disrespectful and the harassing of persons who they disagree with at public places is disgraceful and un-American.

The jaws of justice are slowly closing around the corrupt administration of former President Obama and Secretary Clinton. Using the FBI and the Justice Department to try to prevent Mr. Trump from winning the presidency is a very serious crime.

It is sickening to hear that by changing a few words on the charges of the misuse of the server saved Secretary Clinton from a jail term. I hope justice will be served and Mr. Comey will be sent to prison.

The Russian collusion investigation is wasting millions of taxpayer dollars and is going nowhere. The liberals merely switched their attention to children and parents being separated at the border, although they didn’t have concerns about this when Obama was in office. This self-serving attitude is going to backfire on them.

Voters need to pay attention to the investigations taking place in our justice system. Corruption is being uncovered every day despite the rigorous efforts of the Democrats to discredit the information.

I urge voters to consider what it must be like to have a rowdy protest group yelling at you when you are at a restaurant or other public place. You did not witness this type of behavior from conservatives when Obama was elected. Voters, use your vote wisely in the upcoming elections. Bring dignity back to our country.



Culture lacking at universities

There is a video of a drunken frat UW boy almost killing a girl on the street below by dropping a TV from a building.

I recently had a drunk Eau Claire frat boy throw a lit firework at me in the middle of the street I was walking on. The universities need this culture to be perpetuated, or else no one would overpay to go to their school. They need this culture because it is their identity, just like the military needs their toxic culture in order to perpetuate its agenda.

This is a public health crisis, happening all around us and to our children, and the people in power are powerless before it, because they need it for their enrollment to go up and their institutions to survive.


Eau Claire

Congress action needed 

U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy:

The recent commercial with you endorsing Leah Vukmir for U.S. Senate is a real joke. I guess the Republican Party’s new platform is — “It’s fake news.”

Let’s look back and see what was and still is fake. Wasn’t it you who climbed up the pole and started chopping off the top — at the end saying you’re going to Washington to cut big spending? Fact.

The big “tax cuts” will benefit Americans. Fake. The middle and low income people are going to pay for this while the people putting money in your campaign walk away smiling. Fact. One can go on and on about your lies. Fact.

Why don’t our elected officials put a halt on President Donald Trump from advertising his golf courses at the taxpayers’ expense? Some sources say the all-faithful husband Trump is spending far more Secret Service money than his predecessor.

Why doesn’t Congress demand to see all of Trump’s tax returns? You have the authority to do that. Fact. You people won’t because you’re spineless.

Folks, keep voting for these clowns and the swamp is going to be a septic tank.



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