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Voice of the People 09/05/18

Students require little

After seeing on Channel 13, WEAU-TV, the piles of carpeting and furniture that UW-Eau Claire students throw out when they leave, I am prompted to ask why the university allows people to bring such items in.

When I enrolled as a freshman in your fine college in 1961, I was given a room in Memorial Hall (the only dormitory then). I had three roommates and we were provided two sets of bunk beds, two desks with chairs and two dressers.

We had wooden floors throughout the two-story building. We brought with us our clothes, towels, bedding and school supplies. Linen service was provided. All meals were taken in the cafeteria; all classes were in Old Main. We didn’t need carpeting, lamps, pictures on the walls and all the paraphernalia that these students haul in.

Now, they want to bring their pets so they don’t get homesick.

I would advise the administration to draw up some new rules to keep this trash out.

There is no reason for the university to have to play nursemaid, and I hope it never accepts pets/​therapy animals.



Spot on stage deserved

Doesn’t it seem a little fishy, all the rules the Republicans, Democrats and their “friends” in the media have created to prevent third parties from participating in the system.

Yet these same parties speak against “poll taxes,” preach about “freedom of speech” and swear they’ll defend the “right to peaceably assemble.” Seems to me they are forgetting the “right to petition their government” through the ballot box only works if all the candidates are able to be heard.

All the candidates on the ballot should be included in every candidate forum or debate. Rules that exclude candidates from being heard should be struck down as unconstitutional on multiple points. If we must ban something from our debates, how about incivility and teleprompters?

If there is a gubernatorial debate and Phil Anderson is not on the stage, you can be assured it is just a staged sham.



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