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Voice of the People 09/06/18

A dreadful site

I am acquainted with a number of Barron County Republican Party leaders who I know as decent and charitable people.

They don’t appear to be fans of an extreme political environment. They don’t equate “conservative” with “white supremacist,” and neither do I. But their county party website, the official face of their organization, is a problem.

Readers might take a look: It’s awful. We Democrats are called liars, terrorists, flag burners and traitors. There are links to websites such as “Liberty’s Torch,” identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a white nationalist hate group. There are links to “Russia-Insider,” an anti-Semitic and pro-Kremlin propaganda site.

There are links to articles by Kurt Schlichter, who conjures up violent fantasies about civilian attacks on U.S. troops. Here’s a taste of his view from an unlinked article: “How do a bunch of hunters in Wisconsin defeat a company of M1A2 Abrams tanks? They ambush the fuel and ammo trucks. Oh, and they wait until the gunner pops the hatch to take a leak and put a 30.-06 round in his back from 300 meters. Then they disappear.”

Some people might say “both sides do this.” Well, the Republican Party websites for neighboring counties do not do this. Neither does our Barron County Democratic Party website.

We might be boring, but boring is a lot better than promoting hate, rage and violence. Party leadership needs to answer for this.

State Rep. Romaine Quinn, R-Barron, should return the thousands of dollars he has accepted from the Barron County Republican Party. Foster Friess and other major donors must insist that the Web page be taken down. Lastly, in anticipation of claims that I’m trying to shut down free speech, I point out that just because you can say something doesn’t mean you should.


Rice Lake

An apt analogy

John McCain was a hero; the maverick with integrity, not afraid to speak his mind. We should not only eulogize, but pay attention to how he strove to solve difficult problems.

One such area was climate change. He co-sponsored climate change legislation, including a cap-and-trade bill for carbon. The bill failed, but why, in spite of his party, did he try to address climate change?

An analogy can be made to his cancer. He had symptoms, probably thought it was age and overwork. The expert oncologists told him it was brain cancer. He trusted the experts, and took all the treatment available to try to turn things around.

There is always hope, regardless of the prognosis. He took the same approach with climate change. Trust the experts, the scientists, when their studies overwhelmingly find excess carbon in the atmosphere will have severe consequences for the Earth and environment. Don’t ignore the symptoms, work with vigor to turn things around. It is too important for future generations.

McCain realized climate change is nonpartisan. It is science and it is a cancer threatening the nation as much as any other issue.


Eau Claire

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