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Voice of the People 09/07/18

Changing one’s ways

If the Catholic Church is to continue to be a major player in Christianity, it is going to have to move into the 21st century in terms of its policies and procedures.

It could start by looking at best practices in other branches of the Christian Church. Simply put, a very significant percentage of its present difficulties would be resolved if the church eliminated celibacy as a requirement for the priesthood. Allowing priests to explore and develop intimate relationships with other adults and to marry and have families would provide the same appropriate and healthy avenues experienced by clergy in other religious denominations.

Further, as in many other denominations, the overall health of the priesthood would be strengthened if women were allowed to serve in that capacity. In addition, Catholicism must redefine how it looks at the issues of sexuality, sexual practices, sexual orientation, gender and birth control.

Hopefully individual parish priests will soon call for open discussions with their parishioners on these and other topics. To not do so will result in a very small religious sect with very few priests and very few congregants.


Asheville, N.C.

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