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Voice of the People 09/08/18

Equitable coverage key

Reality demands our need for local news. It is our connection to happenings in our state, neighboring states and right here at home. Responsible coverage ensures the health of our democratic republic.

We live in a time where we’re witnessing assaults on our First Amendment rights including freedom of the press, speech, right to peaceably assemble and beyond. With this reality, local news is crucial in maintaining public awareness.

Essentially, for a healthy democratic republic our communities must be informed. Daily obligations as community members create our reliance on press to inform us on elections, policy and community events. We are not alone. Communities across our nation rely on local journalism. Especially when considering impacts of Wisconsin politics, standards of journalism must live up to their role within our communities.

In Senate District 31, there have been publications communicating to the public that only two candidates are vying for our Senate seat. In fact, we have three candidates on the ballot. Noticeably omitted from local publications is the only nonestablishment, female and possible first American Indian candidate for state Senate in District 31.

Equitable coverage is possible if the will exists. Some find value in challenging the political duopoly that maintains the polarized nature of our discourse. Do you? Yes? Know you have a candidate who is at the table.

Progressive values are not enough; equitable values are what we need.


Fountain City

Green Party candidate, 31st Senate District

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