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Voice of the People 09/11/18

Debt, deficit rise a key concern

I would like to discuss the elephant in the room, our national debt/​deficit.

Our national debt is $21 trillion with an annual deficit in 2018 of $800 billion. In 2019 the annual deficit will be $1 trillion. Surprisingly, the tax cuts did not help the deficit.

About 325 million people live in the U.S., which amounts to each man, woman and child owing $65,000, and it is increasing by $3,000 a person a year. If you want to see something scary, go to

Another way to look at it is the U.S. has a house loan for $21 trillion and after one year we go to our lenders and ask for $1 trillion more. The lender asks, “Why didn’t you pay off any of your loan last year and why do you need to borrow more money? Did you lose your job?” We say, “No — jobs are plentiful.” The lender asks again, “Why do you need more money?” And that is the question we should be asking our U.S. senators and House representatives before the election this year. We should also be asking the local and national TV, print media and AM radio talk show hosts why they are not asking about the debt/​deficit as they also appear to be AWOL on this topic.

It may be just my opinion, but if we don’t start getting on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, asking about this topic, the elephant in the room will continue to grow. Or we can pretend it doesn’t exist and hopefully the politicians will see the light and fix it without anyone asking. Yeah right. I don’t want my IOU to increase $3,000 a year on top of the $65,000 I already owe, and I doubt you do either. The clock is ticking people.


Eau Claire

Super Bowl titles elusive

Two old friends, one from Iowa and one from Minnesota, were talking about their home states.

The Iowa guy talked about the nice people, the good farmland, raising corn and beans, and the Iowa Hawkeyes good football and basketball teams.

The Minnesota guy talked about their good farmland, their 10,000 lakes and their Gophers football and basketball teams. But he said, “We have something you do not — a pro football team, our Vikings.”

The Iowa guy grinned and said, “Yes, that is true, but we have as many Super Bowl trophies as you do.”

Don Anderson

Chippewa Falls

He’s the right man for the job

On Aug. 19, President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, stated: “truth isn’t truth.”

His statement gives evidence that providence has selected Mr. Giuliani as the best possible lawyer to represent our incumbent president.


Eau Claire

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