Sunday, September 23, 2018


Voice of the People 09/12/18

Blaze under way in D.C.

If your house was afire, would you not focus intensely on the course of the devastation and efforts to extinguish the flames?

So it is with the singular attention news media are paying to the burning issue front and center in the minds of most Americans — the ongoing investigation into the alleged illegitimacy, criminality and traitorous conduct of the Trump administration. Each broiling eruption of news garners attention, and not until an impartial and detailed report is issued by the special counsel will the intense interest in the outcome be doused.

To charge that the news media are fanning the flames of public distrust in the Trump administration rather than reporting on its accomplishments and that they are profiting off spurious claims of degenerate political behavior is like saying the press’ continuous local coverage of a raging wildfire, consuming homes and impacting lives, is incendiary, self-serving and should not be of highest interest to those whose properties, loved ones and dreams are being threatened with imminent destruction.



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