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Voice of the People 06/17/18

Mothers need time off

In most every other nation — from up and down Europe, to Africa, the Middle East and Asia — mothers are guaranteed several months off from work to tend to their newborn children.

The first years of a child’s life can be the most important for strong learning and socialization to develop. Yet somehow, in America, even the luckiest of employees will only be guaranteed 12 weeks off from work, unpaid, before they are expected to return.

It is a travesty that parents cannot be guaranteed the ability to take care of and raise their children in a country that so often claims it is the best nation on Earth. What steps will our Legislature take to ensure that American parents will be better able to raise their children without the threat of unemployment?


Eau Claire

Woman deserves praise

I would like to pay tribute to Ruth Harris of the Northwest Reading Clinic who is celebrating 50 years of helping people with disabilities.

She came into my life at a crucial time when my children were failing in school and with her remediation were able to survive and earn their high school diplomas. They were often described as unmotivated and intolerably lazy in spite of all their daily efforts. She took a great burden off my shoulders and helped them maintain their self-esteem.

We think of her often during these past four decades and wanted to say thank you.


Eau Claire

Investigation questioned

The Russophobia endemic throughout Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation is seemingly bereft of any substantive prosecutable matter. The mere mention of Mueller conjures up an almost immediate, spontaneous and unsolicited comment, “I don’t like Mueller.”

Mueller’s makeshift tribunal is akin to an inquisition which seems, on its face, like a vindictive payback for Donald J. Trump’s triumphant electoral victory as America’s 45th legitimately elected president.

Paul Manafort as Trump’s campaign chairman for the Republican National Convention in July of 2016 superbly garnered uncommitted state electors within the Ohio convention to rally around Trump’s populist movement to make America great again.

America saw through the rhetorical puffery of political “insiders,” derisively and collectively depicted as a hodgepodge of “great pretenders.” Dubbed as the “swamp” because given a position of authority, like chameleons, once elected they change colors by collaborating against America’s just border laws.

Under Mueller’s watch an “investigation” mirrored aspects of a demonstratively unsavory repute as a Gestapo drag net characteristic of thieves in the night pouncing on Manafort and his wife while they slept. Executing a strip search, confiscating documents seemingly absent of the consideration constitutionally afforded American citizens and mandating an astronomical bail deposit.

Manafort was a political advisor to Viktor F. Yanukovych, the duly elected president of the Ukraine. Yanukovych arrested Yulia V. Tymoshenko for signing a lease with Russia for Crimea until 2042 in exchange for cheaper oil. A coup d’etat followed as Yanukovych fled to Russia for his life as rebels occupied his home. Ms. Tymoshenko was recorded suggesting “... the whole world to rise up so that not even scorched earth would be left of Russia” (New York Times, March 28, 2014).


Eau Claire

Budget adds ill-advised

Congress is hashing out the next budget. Disappointingly, many legislators are once again trying to use the budget to sneak in harmful repeals of and changes to consumer protections.

For example, one policy proposal added to the budget, as a so-called “rider,” would keep the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from holding companies like Wells Fargo, Equifax and predatory payday lenders accountable when they cheat us. Why use the budget for matters unrelated to spending? Because repeals and changes to important protections can’t pass on their own. But if they’re added to the budget, which must be passed to fund our government and avoid another shutdown, members of Congress might feel the pressure to let them slide in an election year.

Hopefully, Congressman Ron Kind, D-La Crosse, will stand up for a clean budget that sticks to spending, which after all is the purpose of a budget.



Weather forecasts fallible

Nice climate change article by Amina Khan (Leader-Telegram, May 29).

I suspect there is climate change. I do not know who or what is the causation. Still, the reporters and scientists, relying on studies, are absolutely certain the cause is us. Magically we can lower temperature by one degree, maybe two degrees Celsius. I have reservations.

The weather forecasters can only go out three days with any sense of accuracy. Forecasters use weather models based on 30 years of past weather. Climate forecasters create the models they use. Sometimes they enter the answer and look for the verification they seek.

Polluted rivers, oceans and beaches, full of plastic — I blame people. One organization found the following rivers produced over 90 percent of the pollution: Yangtze, Yellow, Hai, Pearl, Amur, Mekong, Indus and Ganges Delta in Asia; and the Niger and Nile in Africa.

No polluting river was in America, Europe or Japan. Yet the USA is often to blame.

Why is that?



Columnist disrespectful

I find it hard to believe that our good newspaper would publish such a column. Is this what we want our children to read: “President Trump is a lying demagogue”?

By what proof does colmunist E.J. Dionne say this? He goes on to spew more hatred against our president. I am generally a very calm and accepting person, but this makes my blood boil.

Whatever happened to respectful discussions? I suspect that Mr. Dionne is hiding his own transgressions and is blaming someone else. This is what a lot of people do.

I am not saying that President Trump is right in all things. But please let us be respectful. We owe it to our children, our next generation.


Eau Claire

Events similar to derbies

I suggest those of us who are appalled by the immoderate behavior displayed by the president and his fans at Trump rallies dub these spectacles what they really are, “demolition derbies.”

It matters not to the participants how battered or dismantled become the vehicles of governance, the harder the knocks, the better.

The thrill is in seeing things smashed, championing the driver who can dish out the most damage while surviving enough hits himself to outlast his opponents, leaving the field littered with scrap, emerging victorious as a piece of crap.



Resting place for conflict?

Volcanoes could be a very useful place to dispose of anything designed for human harm. It would just melt into the molten rock and be gone.

Russia, China, Iran, Korea, Israel and the USA really can get along. We are too far apart to really affect each other.

Incorrect bookkeeping is how we have a national debt. Just because things have been done with disregard of our government’s freedom.



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