Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Letters to Editor

Voice of the People 09/01/18

Respect is earned

On the Fourth of July, we celebrated our independence, our Constitution, values and government “by the people.” For these we respect our flag by standing and pledge our allegiance to what it represents.

Unfortunately we no longer have a functioning “government by the people” because many “in charge” are afraid to act for fear of losing powerful jobs. If you don’t adore the president you are his enemy. Also, for years the popular vote has favored the losing candidate. If every vote counts, how can this happen? We should get rid of the Electoral College so every vote really counts.

We have a “cult leader” who acts like a dictator. He is above the law and takes action without listening to the “representatives of the people.” Furthermore, he not only rapes the environment to line the pockets of Big Oil/​Big Coal, he lies repeatedly and destroys anyone who crosses him.

Until the flag once again reflects the values of the people I will no longer stand for the flag.


Eau Claire

McCain ‘extraordinary’

We American citizens have lost a great American politician but, much more important, a great human being.

U.S. Sen. John McCain was held in high esteem — not for his mouth or tweeting but for his honesty and integrity.

This is not political, but a very honest remembrance of an extraordinary man.


Eau Claire

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