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Briefcase 2/19/17

Local engineering firm MEP expands ownership ranks 

19 hrs ago
Business Registrations 2/19/17

The following area business registrations, such as limited liability companies and corporations, were filed in October.

19 hrs ago
Business Roundup 2/17/17

Rice Lake students win regional business contest

2 days ago
Business Briefs 02/11/17

Earnings rise at National Presto

1 week ago
Briefcase 2/5/17

Wisconsin rises on U-Haul’s list for top U.S. growth states

2 weeks ago
Building permits 2/5/17

The following is a list of building permits with the applicants, addresses of the projects and estimated value:

2 weeks ago
Employers face impending population problem

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the winter issue of Business Leader, a quarterly magazine produced by the Eau Claire Press Co. To view a free online…

2 weeks ago
Bankruptcies 2/4/17

The following bankruptcies were filed in January in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court’s Western District of Wisconsin.

2 weeks ago
from the wire
Boycotts’ impact doubted

Attention boycotters: Your #boycott brand-of-the-day efforts may not even matter.

19 hrs ago
Kohl’s starts shift in its tech strategy

NEW YORK — The rise of online shopping hasn’t been kind to traditional department stores. It’s Kohl’s Chief Technology Officer Ratnakar Lavu’s…

19 hrs ago
Crimes lead trio to make sales safer

MIAMI — After being robbed while exchanging computer equipment in person and later scammed while selling electronics online, Ally Simbert, 25, who at the time was a…

19 hrs ago
Savers see delay in interest rates

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you’re a saver who’s been waiting for rising interest rates to boost your earnings, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

19 hrs ago
Wells Fargo sees less interest in checking accounts

SAN FRANCISCO — Fewer customers opened checking accounts at Wells Fargo in January and more closed checking accounts, an indication that the embattled financial…

2 days ago
Unilever rejects Kraft’s $143B bid

NEW YORK — Kraft Heinz is attempting to buy Unilever in a $143 billion deal that would join the U.S. maker of cheeses and lunch meats with the European producer of mayo,…

2 days ago
Mort­gages pay off

NEW YORK — Freddie Mac said Thursday that it will pay the U.S. Treasury a dividend of $4.5 billion next month after its profit more than doubled in the last quarter. …

2 days ago
PepsiCo reports 'guilt-free’ income

NEW YORK — What do Baked Lay’s potato chips, Simply Tostitos chips and Diet Mountain Dew have in common? They’re all “guilt-free,” according to…

3 days ago
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