It Seems to Me: New bureaucracy not the answer

Gov. Scott Walker has made it a priority to take actions to control the cost of higher education.

6 days ago
It Seems to Me: DNR plays key role, outdoors group says

An open letter to Gov. Scott Walker and all Wisconsin state legislators:

6 days ago
It Seems to Me: Hunger a concern for too many students

I read an article in a recent Leader-Telegram concerning the Eau Claire school district’s food service program with great interest. And, as I read and reread the

1 week ago
It Seems to Me: Nonpartisan effort called for

MADISON — A federal court has ordered the Wisconsin Legislature to redraw voting districts in time for the 2018 elections. This is a victory for voters, who have been

1 week ago
It Seems to Me: What young women may not know

It came to my attention recently, after the March on Washington, that many young women are completely satisfied with their lives right now. I will refer to this as their

2 weeks ago
It Seems to Me: ‘Imperfect’ ACA critical for many

I am about to head to Rochester, Minn., for my six-month check-up.

3 weeks ago
It Seems to Me: Kind endorsed

When today’s pundits present their lists of possible Democratic candidates for governor, they seldom include the best candidate, Ron Kind, a U.S. Congressman who

1 month ago
It Seems to Me: Defending virtue

Should we help other human beings? Should the inclination to aid one another be a basic guiding principle at the foundation of our world view?

1 month ago
It Seems to Me: Dubious practices

I am a retired Circuit Court judge and have been asked to represent home and property owners and citizen groups opposed to the creation of more frac sand mines in our region

1 month ago
It Seems to Me: Competitive model works for Wisconsin

In the near future, the Wisconsin Group Insurance Board, or GIB, will consider several options for the ongoing State Group Health Program, which provides health care coverage

1 month ago
It Seems to Me: ‘Whiteness’ relevant field of study

I have a dirty little secret. My secret could inspire public ridicule the likes of which I’ve not yet personally experienced. Given the third-class status of

1 month ago
It Seems to Me: More to the story of Globe closings

As I child I remember listening to Paul Harvey’s newscasts. They always concluded with “the rest of the story,” when the real news was explained, sometimes

1 month ago
It Seems to Me: Learning curve awaits new state legislators

“Good morning, Senator,” said a Capitol staffer. It took me a moment to realize the man was talking to me. That was 10 years ago.

1 month ago
It Seems to Me: Electors called upon

Back in 2000, the American voters chose Al Gore to succeed Bill Clinton and become our 43rd president.

2 months ago
It Seems to Me: Support ‘protectors’

Early Friday morning on Dec. 2, I awoke from a cold sleep at Standing Rock in North Dakota and decided I needed a cup of hot tea from the medicine tent, which was not far

2 months ago